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  • mountains Southeastern


    Sof Mountain 

    Sof Mountain, located in the province of Gaziantep, is the first summit where northern Syria's plains meet the Anatolian lands. It has an elevation of 1,496 meters. The mountain although not very rich in terms of streams gives rise to several rivers that flow down into the surrounding region offering a source of prosperity. Sofdağı Plateau, which is 32 km from Gaziantep, is an ideal location for being at one with nature, walking, and enjoying a picnic. 

    Raman Mountain 

    Raman Mountain is located within the borders of the province of Batman and is very close to the city center. Its elevation is 1,288 meters. For the first time in Türkiye, oil was found on Raman Mountain. There are currently several oil wells on the mountain, most of which are active. Because of its oil reserves, the mountain is protected by military units.


    Other Mountains in the Southern Anatolia Region 

    Mazı Dağı Mountain

    Karakaş Dağı Mountain

    Keltepe Mountain

    Nurhak Mountains