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  • mountains Aegean


    Bozdağ Mountains 

    Bozdağ Mountains form a mountain range located in the provinces of İzmir, Manisa, and Aydın. The mountains separate the Aegean’s two fertile plains. Some of the important mountains in the range from west to east are Mount Mahmut, Çaldağ, Güldağ, Bozdağ, Kartal Mountain, Kangal Mountain, Gözlübaba Mountain, Çulhan Mountain, and Mehmetlidağ. The highest mountain is Mount Bozdağ (2,157 m), which lends its name to the entire mountain range. The range is over 150 km long. Bozdağ is in Ödemiş district, in the province of İzmir, 140 km from İzmir.

    There are many plateaus on the Bozdağ Mountains, which are beautiful and have abundant water resources. The ski facilities on the great Rye Plateau are a winter tourist attraction. The facilities offer the opportunity for a variety of winter sports, and accommodation and equipment rental are available. There is a cable car that takes skiers to the summit of Bozdağ, which offers an excellent view of Lake Gölcük. 

    Madra Mountains 

    Madra Mountains are in the Ivrindi, Havran, Burhaniye, and Ayvalik districts of the province of Balıkesir, and the Bergama district of İzmir Province. Adramyttium and Thebes (or Thebai), were important centers of antiquity. The Kozak Plateau, situated on the Madra Mountains, has an altitude that varies between 500 and 1,000 meters, and is famous for its pine forests and its pine nuts that are exported. The area has great local wines, and hiking, and camping are highly recommended. 

    Yunt Mountains

    The mountain is located within the borders of the İzmir and Manisa Provinces. The mountain is surrounded by valleys and hills with an elevation of about 1,000 meters. There is also a volcanic plateau on the mountain.

    The waterfall here is quite famous in the region, and the perfect spot for a picnic. It is a calm and peaceful location where you can relax in the heart of nature.

    The ancient city of Aegae (or Aigai) was one of the twelve independent city-states that belonged to the region of Aeolis (Aeolia). The ancient city is located near the village of Köseler, 49 kilometers from the city center of Manisa. At the archaeological site there are the ruins of a three-story agora, a theater, a stadium with a terrace wall, a parliament building, and a Temple of Demeter. Admission is free.


    Other Mountains in the Aegean Region 

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