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  • mountains Marmara



    Uludağ is located within the borders of the province of Bursa. With an altitude of 2,543 meters, it is the largest winter and extreme sports center in Türkiye. Uludağ is the highest mountain in the Marmara region. The mountain extends for 40 km in the northwest-southeast direction and has a width of 15-20 km. It is located 40 km from Bursa city center. Transportation to the region is possible by sea, air, and land from other provinces.

    Uludağ is one of Bursa’s tourist attractions with luxury ski hotels and entertainment venues. The Uludağ Ski Center has around 20 ski slopes.

    There are 28 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding at Uludağ. There are also opportunities for trekking, hiking, and taking a highland tour. In all seasons, you can always find the perfect outdoor activity at Uludağ!

    Nearby sites not to miss are the Uludağ National Park, the village of Çobankaya, Saitabat Waterfall, Sarıalan Plateau, Cennetkaya Hill, Softaboğan Waterfall, the village of Kirazlıyayla, Bakacak Tepesi (Bakacak Hill). 

    Yıldız Mountain (Strandzha Mountain) 

    Yıldız Mountain or Strandzha Mountain consists of a chain of mountains approximately 150 km long, parallel to the Black Sea coast of Thrace, from Bulgaria to İstanbul. The highest point of this mountain chain is the peak of the Mahya Mountain, which is about 1,031 meters tall and is located in the Kırklareli Province.

    The Yıldız Mountain is an important nature reserve as a result of its biodiversity. The local flora and fauna have attracted scientific attention and become the focus of numerous studies. The river Ergene, a major tributary of the Maritsa (Meriç) river, rises from the southern part of the mountain.

    Thanks to the mountain’s unique nature, it is suitable for hiking, biking, camping, and nature photography. 

    Ganos Mountain (Işıklar Mountain) 

    Ganos Mountain, the highest area of the province with a height of 945 m, is a young elevation area with a length of 35 km and a width of 10 km.

    Ganos Mountain is one of the most interesting corners of Tekirdağ, a city known for its rich culture and mouthwatering cuisine. Located on the line from Mürefte and Şarköy to Uçmakdere and Kumbağ, Ganos Mountain bears the traces of many past civilizations. Today, Ganos attracts visitors with its nature and rich culture, and hosts alternative tourism activities such as paragliding, off-road competitions, and trekking tours. 

    Mount Ida 

    Mount Ida spreads over a wide geography between Çanakkale and Balıkesir. Its highest peak is on the Biga Peninsula. The mountain is the subject of many legends of Greek mythology. Its rich flora includes unique plant species, and its fauna features several endemic creatures such as the red-spotted trout.

    Camping and discovering the local villages hidden away in lush nature are very popular on Mount Ida. There are twelve villages to explore and organic local products are available in local shops and stands. In Zeytinli, you can find high-quality olive oil.

    The closest airport to Mount Ida National Park, located in the Bay of Edremit, is the Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport in the city of  Edremit. At the airport, you can rent a car, or use private transportation to reach the surrounding villages. 


    Other Mountains in the Marmara Region 

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    Domaniç Mountains

    Samanlı Mountains

    Elmacık Mountain