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  • mountains Mediterranean


    Taurus Mountains 

    The Taurus Mountains consist of a mountain chain of about 2,000 kilometers, parallel to Türkiye's Mediterranean coast, extending from the Greek island of Rhodes to the Syrian border. The climate here is Mediterranean with garrigue (shrubland), coniferous pine forests, and even cedar species in certain protected areas. The interior is bare and barren as a result of the destruction of the forest cover. Despite all this, 25% of Türkiye's forest presence is located in the Mediterranean region, especially in the Taurus Mountains.

    The Taurus Mountains are very popular with visitors to the region. Village tours offer the opportunity to discover the region's beauty and observe the Turkish culture more closely.

    Visitors and locals alike enjoy dining at the fish restaurants around the mountain's streams. Tables and chairs are placed in clear and cold waters. Guests can enjoy delicious fresh trout while their feet cool off in the stream! 

    Bey Mountains 

    The Bey Mountains are located within the borders of Antalya. The mountain range runs parallel to the bay in a north-south direction, west of the Gulf of Antalya. The elevation ranges between 600 and 3,086 meters.

    In the recent past, activities such as mountain tourism, trekking, and amateur mountaineering have begun to develop in Alanya, especially on the Akdağ. The Republic of Türkiye has declared Akdağ as a winter sports tourism center.