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  • mountains Black Sea


    Kaçkar Mountains 

    The Kaçkar Mountains, located in the district of Yusufeli in the province of Artvin, are the highest mountain range in the Black Sea and the fourth-highest mountain in Türkiye. It lies along the eastern Black Sea coast in northern Türkiye and forms the eastern part of the North Anatolian Mountains. The Kaçkar Mountains are glaciated mountains that are alpine in character, with steep rocky peaks and numerous mountain lakes. Many peaks in the eastern section of the Kaçkar Mountains are over 3,500 m, while the western part reaches a height of 2,000 m. Tha Kaçkar Mountain, with and elevation of 3,937 meters, is the highest peak in the range.

    The best period to climb the mountain in the summer is between June and September, and in the winter between March and February. The Kaçkar Mountains are covered in vast green woodland and meadows, and are ideal for hunting, and highland and mountain tourism. Every year, hundreds of climbers visit the Kaçkar Mountains, which are accessible primarily from the southern route. If there is no fog, the mountains offer a magnificent view of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains. 

    Mount Sis 

    Mount Sis, located in the district of Görele in the province of Giresun, is one of the extensions of the Eastern Black Sea mountain range. Its elevation is 2,182 meters. Mount Sis is 40 km from the shoreline. Mountaineering is popular on the mountain, while along the highland route, there are many opportunities for extreme sports.

    In the summer, the Mount Sis Festival (Sis Dağı Şenlikleri) attracts hundreds of people from Giresun and Trabzon

    Canik Mountains 

    Canik Mountains form a mountain range whose western end is in the province of Samsun, the eastern end is in the province of Ordu, and the range runs parallel to the Black Sea.

    The average height of the mountains is 1,500 meters. Canik Mountains extend for 180 km from the southwest of Samsun to the Melet River, starting from the Kızılırmak Valley, east of Ordu. The mountains’ southern border ends at Kelkit River. The foothills are quite suitable for agriculture, while the mountains are covered with forests and villages nestled in nature.


    Other Mountains in the Black Sea Region 

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