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  • mountains Central


    Mount Erciyes 

    Located within the borders of Kayseri Province, Mount Erciyes is an inactive volcano. In antiquity it was known as “Argaeus.”

    The mountain summit is formed by two peaks known as Little and Big Erciyes. Little Erciyes has an elevation of 2,700, and Big Erciyes’s elevation is 3,916 meters. The northern slopes of the mountain rise up to 2,700 meters.

    The winter period on Erciyes begins on November 1 and lasts until May 1. The Erciyes Ski Center, which opened in 2011, is located at an elevation of about 2,100 meters. The longest track is around 3,5 km long, and there are 14 mechanical lifts that take skiers up to various starting points. There are several hotels on the mountain that can accommodate a range of budgets.

    In the summer, you can walk, have picnics, and barbecue on the mountain. Camping here is also very popular. Professional guides accompany trekkers across the mountain, exploring its beauty while peak climbing tours are also available. Other activities offered here include long-distance biking, mountain biking, or riding ATVs. 

    Transportation to the area is provided by car, bus, train, and intercity bus. Erciyes, which is accessible from Kayseri or Nevşehir, is especially popular during the tourist season. Erciyes Mountain is 27 kilometers from Kayseri Erkilet Airport in Kayseri. 

    Mount Hasan 

    Mount Hasan, a volcanic mountain with a peak of 3,268 meters, attracts avid climbers and mountaineering enthusiasts with its imposing presence year-round. To climb the mountain, you need to head to the town of Helvadere via Aksaray, camp at the mountain's foot, and begin your ascent.

    The ancient city of Nora is located at the foot Mount Hasan. Those who would like to taste local fish, should look out for the restaurants next to the pond of Helvadere.

    Mount Hasan also offers opportunities for winter sports. The best time for skiing is from December to April. Both amateur and professional athletes come here to paraglide. 

    Melendiz Mountain

    Melendiz Mountain is a volcanic mountain located between Niğde and Bor in the northwest of Niğde Province. In the west, it merges with Mount Hasan, which is also a volcano. The mountain has many trails and offers many sites that are ideal for camping.


    Other Mountains in the Central Anatolia Region 

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